We have experienced that smaller ceramic filters are the preferred method under different circumstances. A big bio-sand filter usually belongs to everybody, hence nobody, and the maintenance of the filter will be inadequate. Placing the filter on the property of a single household creates other problems as the owner of the land will occasionally start charging his neighbors to use the filter.
We have recently opted to use the bio-sand filter for schools or organizational settings, whereas we will be using the smaller ceramic filters for household use.

Clean Water Project

Lack of access to clean water remains a serious problem in Cambodia and solutions are within our grasp.

By installing a bio-sand filtration unit, countless Cambodians are given access to a method of obtaining safe drinking water on a daily basis. These units require no power and very little maintenance which makes them both sustainable and ideal for field conditions.
All units are constructed and delivered by the Trailblazers Foundation who remain a leading specialist in clean water solutions. Click here for more information about the filters.