The Essentials Packs

We have put together a simple selection of donation packs to help ensure the sustainability of our project. We offer our personal guarantee that all donations will be appropriated with full transparency according to the details below. Corresponding thank you photographs will be forwarded to sponsors who donate over 50USD and full records, receipts and financial reports are available upoon request. 


School Lunch Pack ($32 USD)

This food pack will provide a nutritious lunch for up to 180 students. We serve healthy meals using local flavors decked out with lots of vegetables. Our favorite ingredients to use are baby spinach, pumpkin, carrots and moringa. We either have chicken, pork or fish to complete the meal. 



Fruit and Vege Pack ($20 USD to supply 2 days worth)

In combination with the daily lunch, we are now providing 4-5 jumbo share platters as a treat for the student base.  We mix things up and use a variety of fruits and vegetables based on seasonal availability such as pineapples, bananas, watermelon, rambutan, mandarins, carrots, cucumber and papaya. Our students are huge fans of this option and we hope to provide this on a daily basis if we can secure the neccessary funds. At the moment, we are serving the platters twice each week but stay tuned! 

Hardship Relief Pack ($50+ USD)

This pack allows us to target the needs of a struggling student or family with a customized kit based on both the donee’s preference and identifiable needs during original assessment. We select recipients through detailed correspondence with our partner school and then review where the most impact will be made etc. The content of this pack varies from case to case but may include a 22L Benchtop water filtration unit, tuition fees, medications, a bicycle and/or additional food rations.


50kg Rice Pack ($30 USD)

Rice is a staple of both the Pack The Essentials lunch program as well as the ethos of our partner school which offers reverse tuition via take home rice bags (8Kg per student every month). Therefore, we literally go through more than a tonne of rice each month!! For just 30USD, we can purchase a 50kg bag of long-grain rice for the kitchen and any surplus rice is distributed to the student take-home ration packs. 


 Operations Pack (any amount)

We strive to account for each and every dollar received by our supporters and the only member of our team that receives financial compensation is our local chef Srey Touch. If you wish to donate towards our general operating costs, please specify this option. These donations go towards expenses such as our chef’s wages, utility bills, repairs and equipment.    If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you promptly. If you chooose this option, you will be notified directly with an itemized receipt of how your donation was utilized.